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Bear with me...

I'm still updating and getting this ball rolling... I might change my layout a few times before I settle. This one's... rather pink... and flowery... hmm. If you see one that suits me somewhere (before I get around to making my own, that is!)... drop me a note!

Hm. On a mom note; Nika was starting to wean herself off the thumb sucking for a while... but now over the past month she's reverted to thumb-in-mouth... so much so that she's getting a chapped bottom lip, poor thing. I don't like getting her in trouble for something like that... but I also don't want her to have a sore lip, and y'know... all those things about how it's gonna make her teeth crooked and what-not. I feel bad even just reminding her "Nika... thumb?"...because it's all the time and I don't want to harrass her about it. Tryin to find some solutions. I'll let you know if I find any. On a happy note, aside from one or two "oopses" (too busy playing, etc.), I think I am confident enough to say that she is totally potty-trained, and is even getting up in the night now - which is where we were having trouble for the last 6mos or so. Yay Nika!

Bree's been having a bit of an issue lately with what I call her little "hissy fits"... if we tell her she can't do something, or insist that she give her sister a turn, or get her in trouble for something she KNOWS not to do, even.... she does this irritating little "HMPHHH!", crosses her arms, and stomps off, slamming doors, etc. on the way. And I don't know how to deal with it because clearly, me getting angry just eggs her on... and talking calmly seems to perturb her just as much.. like I'm patronizing her. On and off there's been jealousy things with her sister but I don't think that's entirely it. I feel like I'm missing something.

Ah well. Off to work, gotta leave in half an hour so I should proooobably go change and stop playing with my new blog. *grin* Talk to you later! By the way if you stop by, drop me a note! :)

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