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Ups & downs...

I keep trying to figure out why my girls keep getting sick on and off lately.
The Dr. said there's apparently a lot of colds and flus and bugs going around and that they're not the only ones. I'm glad of that... but at the same time... wtf.
I've speculated with Bri's dad & stepmom about her bouts of stomach pain and general bitchiness (yes, I just called my 8 yearold bitchy)... I know at least one kid that got her monthly gift already at age 8. I'm hoping that our speculations are wrong and we're just grasping at straws. I don't think I could handle PMS on top of typical Bri moodswings. lol. It has been sortof monthly that she's had these stomach complaints... but I haven't kept track closely enough to say it's exactly monthly. At the same time she's also had 3 ear infections, and been puking at least a few times with the stomach pain - and then Nika puking within a week of either side of Bri, so I'm thinking it's just a bug.

I just got a call that Nika apparently ran into another kid's teeth. *blink*. Awesome.
So she'll have a bump on her head, evidently.

I'm still getting used to this new schedule from the custody b.s. --- As much as I like having my Thurs and Fri nights free, I still have to work those nights... and as much as I like getting to *actually* sleep in on Fri mornings (sorry, I'll try not to rub that one in)... I think I miss them more on weekdays when they're gone (and are at school *anyway* for most of the day)... than I do on the weekends. I think it has a lot to do with wanting to go get them from school, etc.

Thankfully I think the kids have adjusted and are quite happy with the new arrangements because they know what's going on. The whole... who's picking up who and when... crap... has been decided, and they don't have to ask questions as much. They're also falling a lot better into the routine of "mama's house" and "daddy's house" without as much of a hitch now, because when they're there, it's all-together, not spread out randomly. So not so much fighting at bedtime or in the morning after they've been at daddy's... and much happier children for the result. In fact, unless one of them has had a particularly bad sleep, I seem to have some pretty damned good kids in the mornings now. Between keeping to a schedule, and making them responsible for their own bedtime schedules with those checklists (below)... I think maybe I just had to let go a little and give them the guidelines, and let them take control. I have a few friends who'd have said "DUH, that's what I kept trying to tell you". Ok. Point taken.

Kidlets go back to gymnastics the week after March break... they're incredibly excited, and so am I... Bri is *amazing* in gymnastics, looks like she's been doing it all her life, when her last session this time last year was her first-ever session. She climbed the bloody rope to the ceiling in about 10 seconds flat, on her first try - no help... and was jumping across parallel bars, for crying out loud! Nika's pretty good at it too, but I think her interests may lie in dance, rather than gymnastics... time will tell. For now she's excited to go to gymnastics with her sister.

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